Hot Mom Stroller Convertible Stroller for Newborn with Baasinet Stroller

Hot Mom Stroller Convertible Stroller for Newborn with Baasinet Stroller


Finding the best bassinet stroller for the newborn is a big puzzle for new parents who need to take practical, flexible, and versatile into consideration, this hot mom stroller will meet all your demands with two seats attached.



Convertible stroller for the newborn: This hot mom stroller is one of the most classic versions of the stroller which is a popular type in the stroller market. It can accompany the family from the first day and stay with them for a long time. For many families of the future, a practical, flexible, and multi-functional baby stroller is the top priority of baby shopping. As a result, you can use the convertible stroller for newborns as well as toddlers. The large canopy can be extended over your baby to provide better sun protection, wind, and rain protection. Keep an eye on your child through the observation window of the canopy. This bassinet stroller can grow up together with your baby safely.



  • High-quality aluminium alloy along with a triangle stroller frame ensures the stability of stroller frame, so it’s durable enough to hold an adult up to 80kg.
  • EVA elastomer material and multiple four-wheel suspension to make the baby safer.
  • 100% pu leather fully cover the entire stroller not only makes the stroller easily clean but also give the hot mom stroller luxury appearance.


High-end egg seat:

  • The stroller seat can easily swift between the sleeping angel to the travel angel with the adjusted angle, so the egg seat is suited for 6-48months baby.
  • An 87cm high view seat keeps the baby away from the dust and exhaust gas, it also provides a good view angle to the baby, so they can explore the world.
  • Three different angles for the baby to sit and sleep: 95° for sitting, 135° and 175° for taking a rest.
  • The egg seat has a 5-point safety belt to ensure the safety and soft cushion makes it more comfortable for your little one to sit.


Independent Sleeping Bassinet:

  • The independent sleeping bassinet is benefit to the baby’s bone development, which is practical and safe. The length of the bassinet has been increased by 20cm to meet the comfortable growth space of babies. It can take full care of the baby especially during your travel, your baby can lie flat in a comfortable environment and sleep safely. The European Union requires babies aged 0-6 months to use separate sleeping baskets.



  • Multiple shock absorbers system: The typical triangle structure is very stable and can effectively reduce the shock, the special EVA seat material can also absorb the shock, so the system can ensure the safety of the baby.
  • The canopy is more thicken and stable than the traditional one to have a better function of radiation protection and better cold-proof in winter.
  • Thanks to the high quality and well design, this is the best bassinet stroller for newborns and toddlers in the market.
  • One button folding can be easily put in the trunk.


Gift package:

  • Windproof rain cover.
  • Mosquito net cover
  • Cupholder
  • Wrist band
  • 1x Wrist band
  • Seat adapter( no car seat attached, but this adapter suit for the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix / Mico max 30 /Citi infant car seat these 3 models.)



Size reference:

  • Item Weight: 41 lbs
  • Gross Weight:46 lbs
  • Max load: 56 LBS

As a baby stroller company, our goal is to provide quality hot mom stroller and take your baby wherever safely and comfortably. We share your joy of accompanying your baby grow up from born to kindergarten. This baby bassinet stroller has under strict quality inspection and compliance with American standards will make the baby trip safer.

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