Portable Baby Crib Multi-function Bedside Co Sleeper Bassinet

Portable Baby Crib Multi-function Bedside Co Sleeper Bassinet


Busy with taking care of your baby in the daytime, there is no better way to end the day with a safe and sound night. This portable baby crib offers a good take during the night and it changes into co sleeper bassinet at night which makes feeding easy to ensure a peach night for all. Having this beside co sleeper, you can fully enjoy the benefit of having a baby next to you.



Children’s safety is our top priority and we care much about the quality of baby crib.  This portable baby crib is paint-free and eco-friendly, baby can play and sleep in it without worrying about safety.

  • Material: aluminium alloy, Oxford cloth, PP plastic
  • The aluminium alloy frame, oxford cloth and PP plastic make a durable and stable co sleeper bassinet.
  • A multi-function baby crib can grow up with your baby together.

Mode 1: Independent bed: Suit for 0-3 years old

  • With its easy to set up, this portable baby crib can be used as an independent bed anywhere in your home making it an ideal crib for daytime.
  • There are fences around, making baby sleep and move safer.
  • The mesh window design can increase air ventilation and also allows you to keep an eye on the baby at any time.
  • The maximum load weight is up to 20 kg so it can suit baby for 0-3 years old.

Mode 2: Playen: suit for 0-6 years old

  • The first floor is a spacious playen area, and the second floor is a comfortable sleeping area. Both game beds and sleeping beds can be implemented here. The playen is a safe and enclosed place, You can fully enjoy the fun of playing with your baby and get closer to each other.

Mode 3: Diaper table

  • Easily transfer into a diaper table so you will not feel tired to change diaper for baby. Anti-stain design is easier to clean.

Mode 4: Cradle

  • With the rocker, you can change the crib into a small shaker to simulate the shaking range of your mother’s arms, so that your baby can sleep more soundly.


  • Co sleeper attach to bed has 4 height adjustable to suit for more bed. It can grow up with your baby.
  • By using the secure belt, you can attach sleeper comfortably to the head of the bed. With 4-position height adjustment, you can rest assured that the crib can be easily installed on the frame or sofa bed.
  • Easy take-along
  • Going for a little trip or sleepover? This portable baby crib can come with you! The bedside co sleeper is easy to fold and carry in its travel bag.

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Customer Reviews

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3 in 1 very useful!

Highly recommend this baby crib. I really like how it’s 3 in 1. You can use it as a bed, diaper change, and also play yard which is really useful.

Amazing bassinet!

This is a great bedside sleeper!! It came mostly assembled and the remaining assembly was very easy. The bassinet seems very sturdy and well built.

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